Clear Fork Lake October 19th

Clear Fork Lake

Last tournament of the year, weather only to be in low to mid 50’s with sunshine and brisk wind.  Water temp was around 55 degrees.  My coangler managed to pick up 2 keepers early before we got fully bright skys and wind picked up.

I didn’t pick up any keepers until late in the day around 1pm fishing a stump field with Carolina rig.

Finished 4th for the day, only 11 fish weighed in.  Tough day.


Clearfork Reservoir

I got to head up to Clearfork on Sunday October 12th to prefish for the last tournament of the year which is just a week away.  Beautiful morning, outside temp kept dropping as I made my way to the lake showing 31 degrees by the time I arrived.

Great fall colors around the lake this time of year.  I don’t expect them to last much longer.


Got the boat in the water around 7:30 am, water temp was showing around 53 degrees or so.  Sunshine but very windy out on the lake.  Lake has plenty of grass but much of it is looking on the brown side.  I fished from one end to the other including some humps I have never fished before up near the dam area.  Finally around noon I caught my first bass in back of a little creek in very shallow water throwing a white spinnerbait around clumps of grass.


Fish measured around 15 inches and he ate the spinner bait.  I thought I may be onto something where I was at since a couple throws later I hooked up again but this time it was a very large musky.  I was lucky he came off at the side of the boat.  I seen 4 large musky while I was in the area and hooked into another one but he came off as well.  This one was on a Z-man Chatter bait.  As I moved out of the back of the creek I backed off the bank ways and caught my last bass for the day on the Chatterbait.


Very nice fish almost 18 inches long.  Didn’t hit all that hard, I thought I may had been coming through some grass at the time.

Only fished until 1:30 since my trolling motor battery’s for some reason were way down.  Not sure I have much of a pattern but at least covered some water and have a starting point.

Delaware Lake – September 28

Delaware Lake

Fished Columbus Bassmaster club tournament only 13 were competing.  Decided to stay back in the river, pre-fished there week before and found several fish on spinner bait.  Began the morning there fished bank for several hours and no bites.  Moved off of then came back once sun came out more.  Picked up two fish on spinner bait, seems as shad had move back up on bank.


Finished 4th for the day with 2.91 pounds.  Two fish won with 6 pounds. (crank bait)

Water temp – mid 60’s

Wind – calm

Ocean Isles, NC Surf Fishing

Got to take some time off recently an met our old friends from Kentucky that we haven’t seen since 1996.  We stayed with them a few days down at Ocean Isles and was able to get out and do some surf fishing.  Since my friend Ray had been down there most of the month you could say he had the Redfish figured out.  Time was end of September and bite was great.




Fighting Redfish