Campfire tipi grill Changed the things up some.

Campfire tipi grill
Changed the things up some. Large 16 base tipi is 125.00. Medium with 12 in base is 115.00 small with 6 in base is 95.00.
For grill top style. Large is 145.00. Med 135.00 and small 115.00
A extra 10.00 for break apart style
5.00 extra for saddle rings for the small ones
Chain for locks added are 5.00 extra
Also modified them so you can get a tipi and always buy the grill top add on which will mount right on to the tipi
The grill top add on is 25.00
The reason for the change is a price dif on my side and doing this way saves the customer money in the end. Prices include shipping and handling.
The sizes are tipi large. 16 inch base 14 inch tall medium 12 inch base and 14 inch tall. Small 6 inch base 14 inch tall
Grill top style are 16 in base 16 inch tall
Medium 12 in base 16 inch tall
Small 6 inch base 16 inch tall
Also custom sizes and custom colors
Custom colors is 10.00 extra
The one off a kind with flaws made with flaws to look unique and authentic like a old tipi found in the woods will be discounted 10%
Finally in the last stage of patents.

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