Happy New Year to all, this week we are advertising for…

Happy New Year to all, this week we are advertising for Wizard Custom Tackle and this is one will had to get in the tackle box before we head to Guntersville.

Wizard Custom Tackle has just introduced the first 6 arm umbrella rig geared for the freshwater bass market. The MO Bling Extreme’s unique design fishes like a 5 arm rig only better. The 6th arm is a spinnerbait style wire that acts as a rudder that help keep your rig from rolling like the others often do.
The next biggest thing you’ll notice is the huge upgrade in the components. The MO Bling Extreme is like an A-Rig on steroids:
• Silky smooth stainless steel size 3 ball bearing swivels throughout (10)
• Heavy duty stainless steel coastlock snaps for an unmatched Extreme A-rig.
• 5 Nickel Willowleaf Blades that can be easily switched out for bigger or different colored blades
• Industrial Grade Rubber Grommet slides up and down to collapse the rig for easy storage
• 5 Tempered Stainless Steel .035 gauge wires are perfect to withstand the rigors of bending without breaking.
An optional version is offered with 5 additional white willowleaf blades that can be mixed and matched for different fishing conditions.
Contact Mike @ 913-888-5489 http://www.wizardcustomtackle.com/home-1
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