Kistler Rods Pro Alton Jones on Bassmaster.

Kistler Rods Pro Alton Jones on showing off his boat and gear! Half way through the photos, yep, those Kistler Rods show up in his rod locker! Many thanks to Alton for all his support. #kistlerrods #teamkistler #fishkistler #prostaff #fishing #bassin #bassmaster #altonjones

Inside Elite Boats: Alton Jones
Click here to continue 1 / 69 Alton Jones of Lorena, Texas, took a little time to walk us through his 2016 Skeeter FX 20. Both his truck and boat are wrapped by Miracle Ear, a sponsorship that Alton displays free of charge. Photo: Thomas Allen 2 / 69 Jones’ boat is loaded to the hilt with everything…

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