Kistler Rods Recruitment 2 – We are looking to fill…

Kistler Rods Recruitment 2 – We are looking to fill additional field, state, regional, national, and elite positions with Team Kistler for 2017. Come Join the Movement with the most technologically advanced fishing rod company, an established American company who sells American-Made, high quality fishing rods.

Team Kistler functions like a family and we treat our team members very well because we care about them and how they succeed with our products. Join now before our slots fill up.

Email with a short bio/fishing resume. Let us know how you would be an asset to the company. Please allow for 7-10 business days.

FYI: We are still adding female anglers to our Lady Anglers Team, as well – both beginners and experienced, veteran female anglers.

Many thanks to team member Jeremy Bowie for sharing his Kistler Rods image with us. #KistlerRods #teamKistler #fishkistler #fishing #JoinTheMovement2017 #JoinTheMovement #AmericanMade #fishhard

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Kistler Rods
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