We would like to Thank all the anglers that…

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We would like to Thank all the anglers that participated today.
Today we hosted our first Team Trail Series. It went pretty smooth for the most part.
We had a miscommunication on our end with our new Digital Livewell system but was able to recover with a simple phone call. Our anglers were patient and understanding. The system was corrected and we went on with the day.
As always we wish the fishing was easier but Hey…we’re in Indiana. We did have a record set with a 6lb 11oz Largemouth to add to our archives for our future Team Trail Series. Again Thank You to our participating anglers, with your help we can continue to grow, and make our events more rewarding and exciting. See you again soon…we’re sure of it!

*due to the turnout and what we have the capability of running, all of today’s teams will get the invite for the TTC. (Team Trail Championship)

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