Do you love fishing as much as Rick Clunn Professional…

Do you love fishing as much as Rick Clunn Professional Angler? Tell us why in the comments.

Rick Clunn Professional Angler
Anyone who has been able to spend a day, a year, or 42 years doing what they truly love to do is extremely blessed. For 42 years I have been doing exactly what I wanted to do. I have observed others chasing their dreams as well, and have really admired those that do what they do purely out of the love for it. In the world of competitive fishing I have witnessed many reasons for being involved in the sport. Many different degrees of commitment, determination, passion, and pure love of the game. I have also witnessed the pure become disenchanted and corrupted by the challenge, by the business of fishing, by the politics of the sport, and by the quest for success. Conversely, I have gained great respect for those who have achieved success in the sport but would not sacrifice their love of it for that success. When ESPN decided to sell B.A.S.S. several years back there were only 3 individuals I hoped might purchase it. They were Johnny Morris, Forest Wood, and Jerry Mckinnis. The reason for my choices was that these were men that had proven to me that their love for it would always be their primary driving force. I had experienced too many who would just make it a heartless business governed by the corporate bottom line. I have watched many Anglers come and go and participate for many different reasons. But those that I appreciate the most were those pure hearts that simply did it for the love of it. In the beginning, I believed that no one loved the sport more than me. Over time I discovered that there were a few unique individuals who actually did love it, maybe not more, but at a higher level than me. Two of them did not qualify for the Elite events this year and I really missed them. One was “Big” Dave Smith and the other one just won the latest Northern Open at the James River, Charlie Hartley. Congratulation Charlie, and I wish there were more whose love for the sport was as pure as yours. Hope to see you at the Classic.

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