Boat Storage Shelterlogic Canopy

Boat Storage

At my location I don’t have garage big enough to fit the Crestliner PT20 in.  My HOA will not allow me to build a separate garage on my 3/4 acre lot.  So I have to store my boat up the road at a outside storage.

I found at a local auction a new in the box Shelter Logic Max AP 10×20 enclosure.  I not sure how well it will do but I don’t have much invested and think it will at least keep some of the elements off the boat and prolong the cover.  The shade alone in the summer time makes an extreme difference in temperature under the cover.

The 20 foot length doesnt quiet satisfy the Crestliner PT20 but will keep most of it dry.  I may put on the front door in the winter and at least have it cover half the front that is sticking out.  Not much width room to spare, this PT20 is a wide fishing beast!


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