Index Your Facebook Fanpage on Google

How to Index Your Facebook Content on Google

No matter what niche you are marketing there is a way to instantly get your content indexed onto Google.  First thing you need is a WordPress Blog and a niche that you want to market.  This website your visiting today is all about Fishing. In November of 2015 I began using to pull content off of my Facebook Fan page and post it to my WordPress Blog.

Indexed on GoogleI began to see things getting indexed onto Google and other search engines bringing me more and more visitors.  I began to offer advertising on my blog for anything fishing related and I have found plenty of people to advertise for.

No matter what your Niche is can help you bring in visitors to your blog.  The nice thing about it, does all the hard work for you and auto-publishes everything for you.

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Here is a snapshot of my sites traffic over the past 12 months.

You will see it has 2,677 organic searches with over 16,805 page views.  Now think about taking your niche product or service from your Facebook Fan page or others and indexing it onto Google.  Every post you put on your WordPress blog will have a link back to your store.

It is a POWERFUL way to market and get’s fresh content added daily which all search engines look for.