Crappie time, Hope you enjoy this week’s tip.

Crappie time,
Hope you enjoy this week’s tip.

And now… 6 "weird" ways of
catching crappie…


How much do you know about minnow bait?
Did you know that they are one of the
most popular baits used by anglers
everywhere? There are many reasons why
this is true. For starters, minnows are
the favorite food of countless species
of fish including the bass and crappie.
Most all experienced anglers will tell
you they can catch just about any
species of fish by using minnows and it
doesn’t matter if they’re alive or

This is why they are the number one live
bait that you’ll find in any bait shop.
It’s also why you’ll find such a wide
range of artificial minnow baits
available anywhere fishing accessories
are sold. Fishing with artificial minnow
baits is very similar to using live bait
but they’re much easier to handle and
these baits have many advantages over
using live minnows.

For one thing, they’re much easier to
use and anyone can fish with them. You
won’t have any problem putting them on
the hook and changing to a different one
when you need to try something different
because the fish is being picky. Plus,
you have such a wide variety to choose
from you’ll be ready for any situation
that arises.

When using artificial minnows you don’t
have to worry about buying them on your
way to going fishing or catching them
before you can even begin your fishing
trip like you would need to do with live
minnows. Both of which can be very
annoying if you have limited time to go
fishing. Neither do you have to worry
about keeping them alive and fresh until
you’re ready to use them. You simply
need to make sure your tackle box is
thoroughly stocked and you’re ready to

Artificial minnow baits look very
similar to crankbait but you’ll notice
they are a lot skinner and longer. They
come in a variety of sizes and colors
making it possible for you to find the
perfect one for any fishing situation.
Using minnow baits is easy and can make
any fishing trip more successful but it
never hurts to have a few tips on how to
use them that will help to enhance each
one of your fishing trips.

Five tips on minnow baits to help make
each fishing trip more productive: 1.
Choose the right size minnow baits for
the type of fishing you plan to do. This
is very important due to the fact that
larger fish won’t pay any attention to
small bait because they want a more
inviting meal. At the same time, small
fish won’t go after large bait because
they seek out prey that is closer to
their own size.

2. Choose the right color for the type
of water you’re fishing in. For example,
silver or blue minnow baits work well in
clear water and greens and yellows work
well in dingy and dark water.

3. When using minnow baits while
trolling use the larger size lures for
the best results.

4. Learn how to use the minnow bait
correctly. In other words, practice your
presentation and make sure you’re moving
them in a way that looks as real as

Otherwise, the fish won’t pay any
attention to them.

5. When fishing around piers and brush
use a cork to help move the minnow bait
through the water more realistically and
to help determine when you get a bite.

Using these tips will help you get the
most out of fishing with minnow baits.

You can see a big difference in the
number of bites you receive. You’ll also
see an increase in the number of fish
you can reel in after applying these
tips to your fishing techniques and
that’s what it’s all about. Every angler
wants to reel in as many fish as they
can on every trip.

Anytime you go fishing take the time to
follow all safety rules to ensure you
can return another day to fish some
more. Learn as much about the area where
you plan to fish as possible especially
if you plan to go out on a boat. Not
only will this make your fishing trip
safer but it will also make it more
productive because it’ll be easier to
find the fish.

You should also know about the weather
and how to respond when it turns bad

It’s always a good idea to take along a
partner when fishing and let someone
know where you plan to go and when you
plan to return. The safer you are the
more enjoyable all of your fishing trips
can be.

On top of safety, you also want to make
sure you follow all of the rules and
regulations that govern the area where
you’re fishing. Follow the catch and
release and the size limit laws and make
sure you always have a valid fishing
license. You don’t want a great fishing
trip ruined by breaking laws that you
didn’t even know anything about.


…and that’s what I’ve got! I hope
you’re still making the time to get
out and catch a few every now and then,
even if we’re in Mid November here.

Lots of guys out hunting…which means
it’s wide open for you – especially with
the techniques I’m serving up every
Friday… without fail!

It’s a beatiful day out there today.

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