Here is a fish and worm on a hook I made by hand myself…

Here is a fish and worm on a hook I made by hand myself and are made from solid oak. I make items like it’s to sell to buy fishing tackle for kids who’s parents can’t afford to buy for their children. These will look great on your wall or man cave. Please help the little anglers get some new fishing gear so they may to enjoy fishing in the great outdoors. These 2 items will go to the highest bidder and I will pay shipping if they sell for enough for me to do so. Please remember where the money is going towards and this is no junk, these are custom made and one of a kind. Thank you. I will end the bidding in 2 weeks. Leave your bid amount in comment section or if you want it to be private you can message me your bid. Good luck and thank you for supporting our little anglers.

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