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Lots of anglers are using OR36 Tadpole Resettable Divers these days to target suspended walleye. Most anglers are using standard leader lengths (48 to 60 inches) from the Tadpole to the trailing lure. Shortening up the leader length often makes a difference in how fish react to the presentation. For example, when trolling with shallow diving stickbaits, I’ve found that a shorter leader gives the lure more action and often out produces more standard leader lengths. Also when fishing crawler harnesses shortening up the leader to about 12 inches has produced surprisingly well on my boat.

Shorter leads are not always better, but it’s amazing how often a short leader will put more fish in the box.

By Captain Terry Kunnen
Editor’s Note: Captain Terry Kunnen is the owner of TKO Charters and a member of the coveted Off Shore Tackle pro staff. When Terry is not on the water running charters
you can find him working consumer sport shows on behalf of OST

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