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Chris Eagleson, LA –


I got this 10 lb bass one on your 6 inch lizard in Rayburn Red, my girlfriend got one over 14 lbs your "Rattlin" lizards. My girl friend had on just under 13 lbs, as show herein:

The Bass are starting to come up and into Spawn Mode. Got both of these Double-Digit Hawgs on the 6" Rattlin Larry the Lizard, in 2 to 10 feet of water, near wood structure, already on Beds.

Texas rigging these, with a 1/4 bullet weight pegged. Just find the bed, back off, let it rest for a minute, drop these in, and twitch. The Rattlin Chamber System is in the tail of the lizard, and creates a distress signal, that triggers the Bass into strike the first time into the bed. So, now waiting on a fish to get mad enough to hit the baits. It’s in the Bed, and it’s On.

As a tournament angler, I look for baits that are different, "The Proof is in the Live Well!" The Rattlin Chamber System really makes a difference, and the design on these baits not only look totally "Life-Like" they are amazing to see in the water too. They look and act like the real thing.

We got our "Arms Broke!"

Chris Eagleson, LA

 Larry the Lizard Custom Baits
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Larry The Lizard Custom Baits
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