“On TV, those period breaks seem like an easy…

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“On TV, those period breaks seem like an easy half-hour,” Brandon Coulter says. “Heck, I can tie on eight or nine new baits in 30 minutes, so I had this idea in my head that I’d have all these rods ready, and I’d make seven, eight or nine bait changes and be all ready for the next round. I just learned that the breaks aren’t really breaks. The time just disappears. You have run time back to the ramp, you do a little recap for the TV camera, you eat a little beef jerky, and you get six new rods out. And then somebody says something to you, you start talking and the next thing you know, the break is over and you have exactly one bait tied on."
Read more about what Coulter had to say after his first MLF event:

Time Disappeared Quickly in Coulter’s First MLF Competition Round – Major League Fishing
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