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Are You Using Social Media

Here are some social media marketing that I hope will help you market your business.  Social Media is huge these days and will only going to grow more and more.  If your don’t have a Facebook account then I highly recommend you set one up today.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be a ATM machine for your business.  Also build a Facebook Fan page just related to your fishing product or service.  Social media marketing can constantly bring in new customers to your website or Facebook Fan Page, Twiiter, or Instagram that you may be using.

social media marketing tips

Social Media Tips:

Begin your social media marketing by building a Facebook Fan Page

For social media marketing I suggest planning your Facebook posts weekly and/or monthly about your fishing bait, product or service.  By writing as many as you can ahead of time, you’ll only have to be on Facebook 10-15 minutes or so a day to post and reply to any postings from your fans and interact with other companies.

Try to keep the posts between 1 and 4 sentences long.  If they’re too long people won’t read them.

Social media marketing with the way that Facebook pages works, you can comment on pages with your page.  It’s a great way to connect with other fisherman to raise awareness about your company.   The more you connect with other pages and people who like fishing the quicker you will build your fan count authentically and will grow and you will sale more items.

Social Media will get you more fans and your marketing can be successful on Facebook you have to 1-share great content that’s relevant and interesting.  2-connect regularly with other pages and their fans (see point directly above).  3-have a link to your page (not (just) a “like” button) on your website.  4-include a link to your page in your newsletter or on your blog if you have them.  5-use boosted posts and ads to get your content seen by more of your fans.  However, all others are pointless if you don’t share good content (#1).  If you’re not consistently following through on these 5 steps you’re not ready for any advanced strategies, tricks or tactics.  Without these key steps any tricks you try won’t be as successful.

So what do you post on your page?

Pictures of products and or services that you are selling

Video’s are huge, if you have one that is fishing related then posted.

Each post you make doesn’t have to be about selling as well. You just want to relate it to your fan base.

Are you using Instagram?  If not that is a great way to connect with other outdoorsman and post you products or services where truely thousands can enjoy.  If you want to get someone to obtain your Instagram Followers and collaborate with them then take a look at Jatch.  They will build you a huge following on auto pilot.  You just update with pictures and post.

Share articles, blog post, podcast, anything educational that your fishing fan base can learn from will be excellent post.  Example let’s say you have a bait your promoting, any videos or articles on how to rig it would be LIKED, Shared and well read over time.

Here is a great social media marketing tip, use hashtags in your post but don’t over do it.  I get caught up and use to many at times but try to just use 3.

There is so many things you can post to your fan page that will bring you more Likes, Shares and Sales over time.  You will also get to know many of your Fans when you attend other fishing functions because you now have branded yourself with them.

Hope these social media marketing tips are helpful, you just need to get started with them and post as regularly as you can.

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