15 years after setting the heavyweight record for a…

15 years after setting the heavyweight record for a five-bass limit, Dean Rojas’ 45-2 still stands.

The BASS ZONE traveled to Rojas’ home in Lake Havasu City and went in-depth with the Arizona pro about all things related to the record. From the replica mount to the actual boat that Rojas was in when he set the record, this feature has it it all.

Check out the preview of what is coming on February 4th on The BASS ZONE. http://basszone.com/featured-stories/m.blog/58/45-2-coming-february-4th

45-2: COMING FEBRUARY 4TH – The Bass Zone
Check out a preview of The BZ’S feature video with Dean Rojas as he relives his 15-year-old record heavyweight performance of 45-2.

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