5 Reasons Aluminum Boats are Better than Fiberglass

5 Reasons Aluminum Boats are Better than Fiberglass

Cost – aluminum boats are more affordable than fiberglass boats. Durability – you don’t have to worry about where you take your boat. You don’t have to worry about chipping your fiberglass or scratching it. You take this boat where you want to go. Flexibility – aluminum fishing boats allow you to go where your competition can’t. Shallow waters or back of the woods, run up creeks, you don’t have to worry about an aluminum boat. Efficiency – running an aluminum boat will save you money on both your boat and vehicle gas bill because it’s a lighter boat. Versatility – you can rig an aluminum boat out with less money and still be competitive THE CRESTLINER ADVANTAGE The heart of every Crestliner aluminum boat is built with premium materials by skilled craftsmen to deliver durable, long-lasting performance from one season to the next.

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