I get ask the question all of the time (How did you…

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I get ask the question all of the time (How did you come up with the idea for Easy View Tackle System?) About 16 years ago I was trying to come up with a way to organize and manage my tackle. Then one day I saw a potato chip rack and that is what gave me the idea. It took several years of designing and perfecting all of the hardware to mount the clip strips in the boat and that is when I discovered a BIG problem. While testing the system out everything was working great until one day when the wind was blowing about 15 mph and after I came across the lake all of my tackle was in the bottom of the boat. (I knew then that was not going to work) One thing to remember is that clip strips are designed for the product they hold (potato chips) to be easily pulled off without pushing the button are tearing the bag. Fisherman need the exact opposite,we do not want our baits to fall. I knew the concept and idea was good and to make this work.(I designed and Patient a special clip strip that would hold up for the fisherman) The clip springs are heavy tension spring steel and powder coated!! All of the bends in the jaws of the clips along with the spacing between each clip are made to hold all of your baits (plastics,spinner baits,jigs etc.) in the rough water conditions. I spent hundreds of hours testing designing and retesting to help provide the fisherman with a system that will hold up in rough water situations and mount in just about any boat. Thank you for your support and the time you spent reading about my journey. If anyone has any questions about the Easy View Tackle System you can find all of my contact information on easyviewtackle.com. Thanks Bob Scott

 Easy View Tackle System
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