Off Shore Facebook Fans we need your help on the following.

Off Shore Facebook Fans we need your help on the following. Please share and make others aware of this problem!

We’ve been using the phrase “Often Imitated – Never Duplicated” for many years and it’s never been more true than right now. Just because a product says Off Shore on the package doesn’t mean it’s made by Off Shore Tackle or made in America.

In recent years a wealth of Chinese made copies of our products have hit the market and are primarily sold at mass merchants and through on-line retailers. Please make sure that when you are buying Off Shore Tackle products that you are buying from a reputable dealer and that the products are actually manufactured by Off Shore Tackle of Port Austin, Michigan.

There are many companies using the Off Shore name as well as our product designation names to sell a wide assortment of Chinese made knock offs. For shoppers who use eBay, it’s especially important to shop carefully.

Off Shore Tackle has spent large amounts of time and money to develop fishing products that provide the best performance and quality in mind.

Our customers work hard to have money to spend on fishing gear and most have limited time to spend on the water. By purchasing quality products, anglers can spend more time fishing and less time fixing and fighting with gear.

At Off Shore Tackle, we are committed to keeping our products made in America and to support the American worker. Thank you to all our customers for your continued support. Help us to keep the economy strong and fishing the most popular pastime in America.

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Captain Kevin Lake Erie Charters

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