Crestliner PT20 is a Fishing Platform

Crestliner PT20 Fishability

Back in 2016 when I first began looking at the PT20 on the web I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to come out of a glass boat.  Then I had a Ranger 461 with a 150 Mercury.  I had no plans on purchasing any new glass boat for the simple reason its too darn expensive.  I was looking at several used boats but then I decided if I was going to purchase a new boat prior to retiring in 5 or so years now was the time.  So I attended the Cincinnati Boat show in January of 2017 and decided the Crestliner PT20 for it’s fishing platform would be my next boat.

My next steps was determining who I would make a purchase with.  I priced out the boat I wanted with four dealers and settled on Unlimited Marine in Russell Springs Kentucky.  I grew up in Kentucky and fished Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow for years so driving 5 hours was not a issue.  A dealer less than 40 miles from me told me he would order me a boat but he had no plans to ever carry inventory on Crestliners.  My best deal came from Unlimited Marine who was great to work with and saved me more than anyone else on the out the door price.

I think I placed my order toward the end of January 2017 and was told I should have a build date in April.  When I got back from Guntersville I sold my Ranger the follow week.  Then found out my build date had been pushed to May time frame then early June.  But it finally arrived the week before July 4th, I recall how busy Lake Cumberland was the week while I was doing my break in.  Much easier to do it there than the little lakes we have here in Ohio.

So basically I still had a few months to get out on the water and do some fishing.  Many of the 2017 tournaments I went as a co-angler since I was without a boat for well over half a year.

2018 Tournaments has been all on the boater side.  The more I fish from this boat the more I really like it and enjoy the the space.

Delaware Lake

Above is my only keeper in first club tournament with Columbus Bassmasters of the year.  Our club has about 36 members and on this tournament only seven of us brought in fish.  Water was way up and it was a mud hole, but this fish finished 5th for the day.

Alum Creek

Second tournament of the year was only 8 miles from the house which was nice.  But tough day on the water and only managed 2 keepers for another 5th place finish.

Mosquito Lake 12.67#

Next stop was Mosquito Lake one day club tournament and we had a limit early and finished with 12.67 pounds for 2nd place finish.  This was the week before our Ohio Bass Nation tournament which was a 2 day event the following weekend.  Unfortunately I came up about 4 pounds short in that tournament for a 2 day weight of 16.75 pounds.  Limit both days but no BIGUNS.

Practice for Federation Tournament

Of course in practice you can catch the BIGUNS.

Video below was taken by my co-angler second day of Bass Nation Federation tournament.

Check out his Youtube Channel Hooked on Bassin

Indian Lake – First Place 12.03 Pounds and 4.35 Big Fish

Above was July 15th we had club tournament on Indian Lake and we had limit by 8am and finished with 12.03 pounds.

Overall this year like I said the more I fish from this Crestliner PT20 the better I like it.  With the trolling motor down it fishes like any Big glass boat.

My likes so far:

  • Big Front Deck
  • Plenty of front storage (More than my Ranger 461)
  • Handles big water very well. (Lake Erie)
  • Can get shallower than my 461 Ranger
  • Huge 42 gallon live well, so far no dead fish
  • Affordability fuel both in boat and towing
  • Half the cost of a glass boat with more room than some.

My dislikes:

  • Not many, but the switches on right side panel have had the screws work themselves out of the I call it dashboard like material  I have now put some harder plastic in behind the dash so the screws has something to screw into.
  • Boat cover doesn’t’ seem to have enough padding in spots.  It is very fine material and I have a few holes starting to show.

Over all I am very pleased with my purchase and the performance I am seeing with this boat.  If I were to have to purchase another boat it would in deed be a Crestliner PT20.

Give Unlimited Marine a call today ask for Jimmy Wilson to get a quote.  Tell him Scott Gordon referred you. 270-858-6911

Unlimited Marine


Crestliner PT20 Prop

Crestliner PT20

As most of you know I have tested many different props trying to find the one that will get this Mercury Pro XS turning 5600 to 5800.

When I was recently fishing down at Lake Guntersville, I began seeing some issues that I knew wasn’t right.  At one stop we made when I looked back at the engine I seen fuel skim on the water.  I went back and made sure connection was all good.  Which it was but never seen where it was coming from around the Mercury Pro XS.

I also noticed a slight miss on the engine from time to time that made me wonder if I had a bad plug or something.  The engine would still turn 5300 to 5400 but that was about all it would do and this was with my Tempest Plus 19p prop.

When I returned from Guntersville early April, I decided I would change out the plugs thinking maybe going through engine break in they may have been fouled up.  My engine has about 34 hours of operation on it.  It will be a year old end of June when I picked it up.

When I removed top right plug and looked at it I about died.

As you can see it has seen better days.  By the way these plugs are about $140 for six so I hope they don’t need changed out too often.

Well I knew it was bad, since the entire metal anode and such was not there and it had only one place to go.  I got on phone with my dealer who told me to get it down there so they can take a better look at this.  Once they got it tore down and pictures sent to Mercury.  Mercury arranged for a new powerhead and injectors to be replaced and got them there the next week.  I was out about a couple weeks but due to timing of me getting to my dealer nearly 5 hours from me we needed to work it into my schedule.  Dealer Unlimted Marine offered to provide me a loaner boat while mine was being repaired.

John Stivers & the Unlimited Marine Team took care of everything in quick order and let me say knock on wood it is now running great.

Once I got it back I did have to go through break in period again, I think this had been a issue for some time even while I was going through testing many different props.

I am now running a Tempest Plus 19P turning 5800 easily now.  Have seen 57 mph with just me and with full tournament load myself and co-anger runs about 54.  Have hydralic Jackplate ran up about 2 inches.  Hole shot is super quick and has great bow lift.

May want to play with a 4 blade 19P or a 3 Blade 20P down the road.  But very happy with the performance that I am seeing since this repair is behind us.

Big Bass Splash Lake Guntersville

Big Bass Splash

If you never have taken part in one of the Big Bass Splash tournaments you should find one close and participate.  I think this was our 4th year and my partner and I have managed to cash a check each year.  Once year we actually cashed in on 5 checks.  But this past year in March 2017 fishing from my Crestliner PT20 I actually caught my personal best catch.

Lake Guntersville Big Bass Splash – First Place 7.97#

If you get the time enter one of the tournaments your only fishing for one bite!



Chris Baily Foil

CB Design

I have installed this foil I purchased from CB Design and it has resolved porpoising at slower speed that I have had.

Crestliner PT20 Fuel Cap

Crestliner PT20 Fuel Cap

If you own a Crestliner PT20 or PT18 and your having a hard time putting fuel in your boat. Check with your dealer they have another cap available that they should install for you under warranty.

My PT20 took forever to put fuel into it.  I had to pull the nozzle almost all the way out and baby it going into the tank.

As you can see when the above is mounted in the boat the hose will easily go into it without a bend.

The one on the right is original and the hose had to bend up since this was a straight connection.  New one on the left the hose fits without a bend.

As you will see in video below it now has no issues when filling the tank.

Check with your dealer for this replacement.