Crestliner MX21 | COMPLETE Walk-Through!

Crestliner MX21 | COMPLETE Walk-Through!

Welcome to Hunt Fish Shoot! We are excited to showcase and provide and overview of the Crestliner MX21! Information and videos are slim, so we figured why not give you all our thoughts on our new boat. The MX21 is a full tournament ready bass boat made out of .125 inch thick all welded aluminum hull with a pad design for quick hole shots, superb handling and better top end speed. Powered by a 250 Pro XS 4 stroke from Mercury this boat will do 65 MPH no problem. It has an overall length of 21’ 5” and a wide beam of 97” this boat has the largest front deck at 60 sq ft of any bass boat on the market. Large boxes and room for multiple 8ft rods is fantastic. Fiberglass consoles with room for a 12 in graph at the driver seat. Finished off cockpit area with high back bolstered seats make this boat ready to rip! When it comes to bass boats, there are so many options out there that it can be challenging… I mean look theres: lund pro v bass 2075, lund 2075 pro v bass, crestliner boats, crestliner xf189, phoenix bass boats, vexus boats, lund pro v, bass cat boats, triton bass boats, Nitro bass boats, ranger bass boats, aluminum bass boats, fiberglass bass boats…. The list goes on. We decided on this Crestliner MX 21 for the reasons listed and couldn’t be happier! We are very happy with it thus far from every stand point. It’s one of the best boats on the market in an aluminum hull and in our opinion one of the best values of not the best value overall. It is easy to see why so many pros are switching to aluminum bass boats because they have come a long way. Check out the video and let us know what you think! We would love to show you more and show how this boat runs with more time behind the wheel and in rough water especially! Thank you for watching and being part of our journey at Hunt Fish Shoot! #CrestlinerBoats #CrestlinerMX21 #BassBoat

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