Tuff Skinz Motor Cover Addition

Tuff Skinz Motor Cover

Since I had my motor repairs completed I finally got to add my new Tuff Skinz motor cover.  Let me tell you not only does it help keep your cowling nice and new looking.  But it saves me so much time when I pull my boat out I always wipe it down and this makes keeping the engine looking so much better.

I get people yelling at me around the docks telling me I forgot to remove my engine cover.  I gladly tell them this is a completely vented cover that is made for your engine and it does a great job protecting it from all the elements.

When it gets dirty you can easily remove it and put it in the washing machine and it’s like new again.

Made in the USA!  If you want to keep your engine looking good after you purchase your new Crestliner I recommend you order a Tuff Skinz Cover today!

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