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Building a Opportunity with other Fisherman

Want to share some details about a billion dollar company that we are involved with that is expanding in the US.  They are HQ out of Orlando and all of their products are made in the USA.  They are actually have more members in Asia than they do in the US.

The products are all around Skin Care, Anti Aging, Nutritional, Weight Management and Energy Drinks.  So many of these products the average fisherman family is already using today. 

So how many bass fisherman family’s use products listed above?

When you use these products do you get also make a income from them?

If your share the products with others that you use today do you make a income?

Chances are the answer is no.

Take the time to watch this video on Social Selling.

How many other bass fisherman have you shared details about tackle, rods, reels, even boats, boating accessories.  You have all done it and do it today but you don’t get paid for doing it.

Take the time and look at how we can use Jeunesse Global to change that.  There is nothing better about doing a business with like minded people.  Plus much of the products your wife and family are going to look and feel better while using them.  And when you get paycheck back weekly or monthly because you began sharing them with people you knew, but now over time you are getting paid from people using it that you don’t have a clue who they even are.  This is what makes the compensation plan so lucrative to be involved.

Watch How to Make Money with Jeunesse

My wife and I Sandra joined in June of 2019, we are building a team of 12 that come in as a Sapphire or Ambassador level.  Getting 12 people in your business at these levels and have them doing the same can explode volumes in your organization that you will get paid on that can be life changing.

The concept is that you join Jeunesse at the Sapphire level and then you work to sponsor 12 members at the Sapphire level.

Remember, along the way, you will also sponsor new customers AND new distributors at other levels. It’s the Sapphire level members that become part of your personal Terrific 12.

Remember this is a marathon and not a race.  It will take you time to build but be so worth it when you get there.

Take a listen to my friend Danny Gasemy provide you an overview on Jeunesse Global.

You can get started in this business with a $300, $500 or $1,000 product package.  The Sapphire and Ambassador package fall into the $1,000 product package.

You and your family are already spending money on these type of products today, it’s time now that you now do it through Jeunesse Global and share it with other friends, family and fisherman that you know.

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Build this business like that you will build a army and make a great income doing it.

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