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Wintertime cranking is quite popular among the MLF pros. We asked some of the anglers for their best tip for wintertime cranking, and picked out five simple pieces of advice that could help you catch more fish this winter: 1. Never put the crankbait down. Brent Ehrler explains that if you cast continuously all day, without picking something else up, you can get a reaction strike out of sluggish bass. 2. While crankbaits have a wide variety of actions, Gary Klein recommends finding a crankbait with a tighter wobble. 3. Try a lipless crankbait. Adrian Avena says the erratic action can drum up a reaction strike. 4. Justin Lucas says he always has a variety of crankbaits on the deck of his boat for picky fish, since bass can be very finicky in the winter months. 5. Cliff Pace will throw a flat-sided crankbait all year long. But in the winter, he says you should go with a lighter line in order to fish the bait at a deeper depth.

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