Well the FLW Costa championships have come to a end.

Well the FLW Costa championships have come to a end. I can truly say, not just Canada, but the world was shocked at the results.

Team Canada was by far the favourites coming into this event, and the end result was not from a lack of effort. We could not be more proud of all 4 of our representatives from Canada! They all showed class, professionalism, work ethic and most importantly heart!

Our Co-anglers unfortunately had no fish this weekend but we’re still honoured for their accomplishment! Ed MacPherson and Todd Watters proudly held the Canadian flag for us on the big stage on championships day! Some awesome stuff to come for being our flag bearers!!!

Fern Campeau took 3 trips back and forth from Branson to figure out his shot at making the Forrest wood cup. If it were not for unfortunate wiring of his electronics(at no fault of fern), things might have been different. Losing almost 2 hours on day 1 would rattle the best of any tour angler! Fern fought through his unfortunate bad luck, pushed through and gave it his best. Day 2, a 3 hour fog delay sure did not help his chances when the thought was for a big catch up bag! Congratulations Fern, you still were a champ for us after having to handle all that was thrown at you!!!

Carl Boileau! Our hearts hurt all day thinking about what your dealing with. Truly the class act of the field to suck up your pride to make the decision to come on stage just so you could thank your wife and allow the moment to happen for somebody else. Not many people would have been able to do that, but you proved your better than that, and showed the world sportsmanship at its best. FLW Canada thanks you, FLW thanks you, and FLW Korea thanks you.

Hopefully all 4 of our Canadians will make it back on this stage! These 4 Canadians we would proudly allow to represent FLW Canada again!

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