G3 Sportsman 1810 – Great Tin Boat Search – What is the Right Aluminum Gauge for Hulls – B1 Vid 2

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Today we continue the review of the G3 Sportsman 1810 with on the water footage and reviewing the features and performance. Before we get to the on the water footage we talk about the positives and negative of having a thinner aluminum hull, like 100 gauge we see in the G3, to the 125 gauge in the Xpress boats all the way to the 187.5 gauge some of the Gator Trax boats are built with (and there are positives and negatives for both). We are not going to start grading the boats until we have reviewed several so we have a good sense of what should be expected in a $30,000 – $40,000 aluminum boat. And YES, we know some of these are higher than that, and we will discuss when we review the more expensive boats, so stay tuned!

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