Great Tin Boat Search of 2022 – Boat 1 Video 1 – G3 Sportsman 1810

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Time to tackle the Great Tin Boat Search of 2022, so before you buy a new or used aluminum (I acll them tin) boat, make sure and watch this! Starting today with the G3 Sportsman 1810 powered by a 4 stroke Yamaha 115. We will review a bunch of tin boats over the course of this review, including Vexus, Ranger, Xpress, Lund, Polar Craft, Crestliner, SeaArk, Tracker, Gator Trax, Avid, and whatever else you guys come up with and help me find. We are not going to start grading the boats until we have reviewed several so we have a good sense of what should be expected in a $30,000 – $40,000 aluminum boat. And YES, we know some of these are higher than that, and we will discuss when we review the more expensive boats, so stay tuned!

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