Last week, we responded to a call for help after a boat…

Last week, we responded to a call for help after a boat with 3 people onboard began to take on water. The source of flooding was a loose/detached bilge pump hose. Fortunately, all 3 people were rescued by nearby Good Samaritan vessels.

As you plan to get back out on the water after this long winter, take the time to thoroughly inspect your boat. Check all fittings, rubber seals, and boat plugs. Dry, cold temperatures can wreak havoc on these components and affect their ability to maintain watertight integrity. We also recommend having good tow and salvage coverage. If your boat sinks, you remain financially responsible for its recovery and removal.

Also, remember that even though the ice is gone, water temperatures are still in the high 30’s and low 40’s. Dress for warmth based on water temperatures, not air.

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