Larry the Lizard’s Fishing Reporter: Issue #1 Oct-23rd, 2015:
Lake Havasu, AZ. Date: 10-23-2015-10-24-2015

Water temperature is 73 to 75 degrees, water clarity is clear from Windsor Launch going South, Stain water is coming in from the North, and lining up on the North West Side of the Lake.
High pressure system started moving out on Friday Night October 23rd. The Bite for Friday was fair, with Black Bass and Smallies taking the 7" & 10" Pro-Tour Rattlin Worms, Texas Rigged, on 8 lb P-Line Mono, about a 1/4 oz bullet weight to 3/8 oz pegged, gave the bait a medium speed drop rate, and Deadsticking for a minute, then working the Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm in, just like you would a jig, with a tick-tick, pause, presentation. The bite was very subtle. In lower light conditions and in shaded areas, the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw was producing well also. I started with White, and never had to change the color out.
Day of the tournament. The Low pressure system from the Hurricane came in and shut the bass down hard. Many of the Top-Anglers from AZ struggled to catch even a single bass, and a few of the Best Anglers pulled in 4-5 fish bags, but without any substance weight behind them. Some of the methods that produced best on this day, was a jig, drop-shot worm, and rattle traps.
Hit Williams River area about 10:30 am, cloudy and overcast conditions, with clear water in the 73-75 degree range. Found a huge cove that had massive amounts of Shade moving on the surface in large schools. I moved in closer to investigate, and sure enough the Stripper Bass had them on the run. I grabbed a Blue Back and Silver Chrome Rattle Trap in it was on. I knew this feeding freezing wouldn’t last long, so I had to act fast. I moved into position just about 50 yards ahead of the larger school I saw heading up the bank line. Started casting, with a fast retrieve, and BINGO, don’t know for sure how many Strippers I got in that half hour, but it was a lot. Had one break me off, it ran so hard. Then I hooked into about a 2 pound Stripper, and as I was playing it, a Monster Stripper came up and eat the 2 pound Stripper, and in doing so got hooked up with my Rattle Trap. The rest is history.
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Larry the Lizard’s Bass Fishing Reporter: #1

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