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Last stop Morse, Team Trail season ending tournament set for September 19th

Note: There are two conflicting dates on our web site. The tournament “WILL” be held September 19


I hope this email finds everyone well. We are just about a week and half from our last Team Series Event at Morse Reservoir on September 19th. This last stop will decide what two teams go on to the BASS Team Championship at Lake Guntersville in December, as well as, the four anglers who will complete our 2016 Indiana State Team. As a reminder, the top two teams in overall points after our last tournament will get the invite to Guntersville.

I’ve had several texts, calls and emails asking about the state team spots. I appreciate everyone’s comments or questions. We will fill those spots just as we said we would back in the Spring. Please remember that BASS dictates how we do this. It may not be ideal but it is a 2nd chance for everyone that’s in the running. Its hard to argue with that.

We have 20 teams that have fished the first 3 tournaments. Of those 20 teams, 3 anglers made the state team at Patoka. This leaves 37 anglers eligible to compete in the individual weigh-in portion at Morse. Those 37 anglers, if they choose, will weigh their 3 biggest fish for the day. The team portion will be a 6 fish limit. Individual weights will be added together to get the 6 fish limit. Teams can weigh just 6 fish and not participate in the individual weigh-in if they choose. For those teams who are competing in the individual weigh-in, you will decide if you are fishing as a Pro or Am before the tournament starts. One Pro and one Am per boat. It has to be done this way to be consistent with the State Finals format at Patoka.

This tournament should go smoothly with everyone’s help. Weigh-in shouldn’t take much longer than usual.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to field a few concerns regarding dishonesty for this last tournament. I’d like to think that everyone is honest. Just in case someone isn’t, we’ll implement the following guideline:

If I receive a legitimate complaint about any of the four anglers that make the state team or either of the two teams that are invited to Guntersville, I will schedule a Voice Stress Test to be performed at a time and place that’s convenient to all involved. The test results will be read by the test operator, a law enforcement officer with IMPD. Any signs of dishonesty will be absolute grounds for disqualification. Again, the voice stress test will only be used if a legitimate complaint is received. I hope this covers any concerns any of you might have.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Morse on the 19th. We’ll start at safe light and fish 8 hrs. I’ll look forward to crowning the team of the year, inviting the top 2 teams to Guntersville and filling the last 4 spots on our 2016 state team.

Thanks, Chip

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