Now, one thing for sure that is pretty tough for me is…

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"Now, one thing for sure that is pretty tough for me is the SCORETRACKER.
I love it, don’t get me wrong. I thought I was prepared for it, but it adds a different level of stress. When you aren’t performing well and the numbers get read off, it’s easy to spin out. It got in my head on a couple of days. I started to fish faster and not as thoroughly."
Find out what Alton Jones Jr has to say about the Bass Pro Tour after competing in the first two Stages:

ALTON JONES, JR.: Learning to Adapt, SCORETRACKER, and Fishing New Water – Major League Fishing
My take on the first two MLF Bass Pro Tour events and my performance is that it’s going as planned – not perfectly, but it’s going well. I learned that the limited amount of practice time is difficult, but isn’t really a detriment to success. You just have to practice a little differently. N…

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