Date – Sept 26 & 27

Lake – Mosquito Lake

Tournament Ohio Bass Federation – 2015 State Champtionship – 75th

Launch time and spot – Marina ramp 7:15am

Air temperature – 70’s

Water temperature (and note any changes in these temps during the day) upper 60’s

Wind direction and speed (include changes and times) East & North East

Who you fished with – Was co-angler

Weight of fish caught (estimate) 2 pounds day 1, 1 pound day 2 – Boater 1.4 pounds day 1 – 8 pounds day 2

Where each fish was caught (depth, structure, cover, etc) – shallow grass 2 to 4 feet

What you caught them on – Senko Wacky, Buzz Bait

How deep the fish were – shallow

What color they were biting – Green/chart tail, green pumpkin

Details on rigs such as sinker weight, hook size, leader length, etc – weightless senko

Details about structure and cover – were the rocks round or jagged? Grass emergent or submerged? – Grass clumps and matted

What didn’t work – this is very important.

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