Rocky Fork Oct 4th – High Blue Skies

Rocky Fork


Date – Oct 3 (Pre-fish) Oct 4th Club Tourney

Lake – Rocky Fork

Tournament – Columbus Bassmasters

Launch time and spot – North Shore Ramp 7am

Air temperature – 70’s

Water temperature (and note any changes in these temps during the day) 65-68

Wind direction and speed (include changes and times) North/North East 11mph

Who you fished with – B. Stowe was my co-angler during tourney

Weight of fish caught Day 1 practice boated two keepers and raised two. (12 inch fish)  – Tourney had two bites both on green pumpkin Senko shallow in grass.  (12 inch fish) 2.37 total.

Where each fish was caught (depth, structure, cover, etc) – shallow grass 2 to 4 feet

What you caught them on – Senko Wacky

How deep the fish were – shallow

What color they were biting – green pumpkin

Details on rigs such as sinker weight, hook size, leader length, etc – weightless senko

Details about structure and cover – were the rocks round or jagged? Grass emergent or submerged? – Grass & Wood

What didn’t work – The lake was pressured with another 96 boat tourney taking place.  Plus day before it was raining, windy with high of 55.  Tourney was warm in low 70’s with high blue skies..  Everywhere you went was boats after boat..

Tourney was won with 3 fish weighing 6 pounds. We finished in 3rd place.

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