Shaye Baker has launched a new web-based fishing…

Shaye Baker has launched a new web-based fishing venture that puts the control in your hands. Uploaded allows anglers to upload video of their cast to catch fishing adventures with the opportunity to win monthly prizes and and a shot at a new boat at the end of the year.

Uploaded Fishing
Welcome to UPLOADED, The Online Fishing Series. The concept is simple. Fish. Film. Win! Whether you have a boat or fish from the bank, there’s something here for everyone. All you have to do is show us your best fish catch video, cast-to-catch using one or multiples of our sponsors’ products, and you could win! We here at UPLOADED will select the Top 10 videos for each category and then the winner will be determined by public vote. Though voters may like to see big fish, in The Online Fishing Series the edit could be just as important. So have fun and be creative! Go to for more details.
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