Is Your Boat Wet Under the Boat Cover?

Keep Your Boat Cool and Dryer

I am not a lucky guy who has a nice garage for there boat.  As you seen in my other post I use a Shed Logic canopy up at my storage location.  It defiantly helps keep it cooler and much of the elements off the cover.  For $150 it has been worth the investment.

Another thing I have always done is keep a fan blowing under the cover.  But this past year I switched to a bathroom vent fan and it seems to be getting the hot air removed and keeps it much dryer.  I take it with me when I travel as well and when I cover the boat and plug up the batteries I have the fan vented outside the boat.

Hope this tip helps you keep your boat a little cooler and dryer.  Without it we know everything inside is like in a oven just baking away.