Crestliner PT 20

Crestliner PT 20 Prop Test

Its been awhile since I have posted about where I am at with props on my Crestliner PT 20.

Trophy Plus 23 Pitch 4 blade prop


Here is my findings so far with prop test:

Fury 24 3 Blade – 5100 – 58 mph

Tempest Plus 26 – 3 Blade – 5000 – 60.5 mph

Trophy Plus 23 Pitch 4 Blade – 5350 – 57 mph

Tempest Plus 21 Pitch 3 Blade – 5450 – 57 mph (Most bow lift and best handling)

I have a 19 pitch on order and according to Mercury that is the correct prop.

Keep you posted.

Crestliner PT 20 Speed

Crestliner PT 20

Out on Alum Creek here today testing out a 26 Tempest Plus prop on my Crestliner PT 20.  My orginal prop was a Fury 24 3 blade which has given me my fastest speed at 59 mph.

Today’s testing went surprisingly well, hit just over 60 mph at little over 5000 rpm.  I think a 25 Tempest may be the trick but first want to test this 26 with different plugs and height on my hydraulic jack plate.

If your in the market for a Crestliner PT 20 then reach out to Jimmy Wilson at Unlimited Marine.  Jimmy is one of a handful of dealers that has one in stock.

Boat Storage Shelterlogic Canopy

Boat Storage

At my location I don’t have garage big enough to fit the Crestliner PT20 in.  My HOA will not allow me to build a separate garage on my 3/4 acre lot.  So I have to store my boat up the road at a outside storage.

I found at a local auction a new in the box Shelter Logic Max AP 10×20 enclosure.  I not sure how well it will do but I don’t have much invested and think it will at least keep some of the elements off the boat and prolong the cover.  The shade alone in the summer time makes an extreme difference in temperature under the cover.

The 20 foot length doesnt quiet satisfy the Crestliner PT20 but will keep most of it dry.  I may put on the front door in the winter and at least have it cover half the front that is sticking out.  Not much width room to spare, this PT20 is a wide fishing beast!


Crestliner PT 20 Boat Cover

PT 20 Boat Cover

Brought the Crestliner PT 20 home yesterday from Unlimited Marine in Russell Springs, KY.  Since it looked like it could rain we decided to unpack the cover and see how it fit on the boat.  Appears cover is made by Dowco. Crestliner actually covers the warranty on the cover from what I read.

This is made of NauticShield fabric, a heavy duty 10.7 oz, 600 denier polyester features waterproof top, high tensile strength, tear resistant and UV protected.

The fit you see in the picture could be used for trailoring I expect, they did provide me with 3 adjustable poles that if you were going to leave parked you would want to include under the cover.  Ratchets on the side provide a very tight fit overall.

For any questions about Crestliner PT 20 let us know or contact Jimmy Wilson at Unlimited Marine to learn more about how you can enjoy twenty feet of boat bragging rights.

Crestliner PT 20

Crestliner PT 20

My new PT 20 finally arrived at Unlimited Marine in Russell Springs, KY.  I ordered this boat the end of January so it was a long time coming.  Had some aluminum shortage and parts shortage to deal with.

John Stivers, Jimmy Wilson, Scott Gordon

I can’t thank John Stivers and Jimmy Wilson for all their help in the ordering, through the sale and the rigging process.  They have been outstanding to work with and really have went out of their way to make sure everything is in order.  Unlimited Marine was not the closest dealer to me, but when I first spoke to them they had already seen the PT 20 and rode in it at the plant and Jimmy had the most overall knowledge about the boat and options.  I also found them to have the best price.

Crestliner PT 20 Unlimited Marine Showroom

Crestliner PT 20

Hooked up heading to Lake Cumberland for break in.

I also have to say that the winch and fifth wheel on the trailer are HEAVY DUTY.

Crestliner PT 20 front deck is huge

Options that I chose:

  • Hot Foot
  • 36v Minn Kota Trolling Motor
  • Transducer mount on rear
  • Middle Seat
  • Spare Tire
  • Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate
  • Lowrance Electronics – HDS 9 Gen 3 on console, TI 7 Elite on bow
  • Powerpole Sportsman 8 ft.

Contact Jimmy Wilson today at Unlimited Marine and get a quote on a PT 20.

Unlimited Marine

2624 South Hwy 127

Russell Springs, KY


(270) 858-6911