Crestliner PT 20

Crestliner PT 20 Prop Test

Its been awhile since I have posted about where I am at with props on my Crestliner PT 20.

Trophy Plus 23 Pitch 4 blade prop


Here is my findings so far with prop test:

Fury 24 3 Blade – 5100 – 58 mph

Tempest Plus 26 – 3 Blade – 5000 – 60.5 mph

Trophy Plus 23 Pitch 4 Blade – 5350 – 57 mph

Tempest Plus 21 Pitch 3 Blade – 5450 – 57 mph (Most bow lift and best handling)

I have a 19 pitch on order and according to Mercury that is the correct prop.

Keep you posted.

Crestliner PT 20 Speed

Crestliner PT 20

Out on Alum Creek here today testing out a 26 Tempest Plus prop on my Crestliner PT 20.  My orginal prop was a Fury 24 3 blade which has given me my fastest speed at 59 mph.

Today’s testing went surprisingly well, hit just over 60 mph at little over 5000 rpm.  I think a 25 Tempest may be the trick but first want to test this 26 with different plugs and height on my hydraulic jack plate.

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Crestliner PT 20 Review

Crestliner PT 20

Only have had this boat since first of July, wanted to do a few videos on a review since there is not much details online.  I am very impressed with the performance and ride for a tin boat.

Get a quote today from Unlimited Marine, ask for Jimmy Wilson.