Tube Fishing Tricks – How To Catch More Bass Right Now!

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The tube is the forgotten bait! Most of us great up throwing them but many anglers don’t even think to throw them anymore. If you’re guilty of abandoning the tube, its time to change your ways! Tube jigs, finesse tubes, tube baits, whatever you call them… these baits are fish catchers every day of the year and today we’re showing you how we dial them in to catch bigger bass no matter where we go! Whether you’re flipping heavy cover in the South, fishing deep points in the West, or chasing Smallmouth on flats in the North, the tube should have a permanent place in your arsenal. These adaptable baits will catch fish in virtually every situation. Even if they’re not a mainstay in your arsenal, when the going gets tough you can rely on a tube to put fish in the boat. The key to these baits is understanding when to switch between the different styles and rigging options to keep catching fish. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the exact baits and heads we use when fishing a tube. We’ve included the exact sizes, weights, and colors we fish in each situation. We’ve also included some of our favorite tube fishing gear. All the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item.

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