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We no longer offer Extended Cast subscriptions. Since the inception of Major League Fishing, we have always thought a 2-hr episode would be the perfect length to showcase the action of a MLF event, but were unable to air 2-hr shows. Because of our airtime restrictions, we created Extended Cast where we could broadcast our 2-hr shows.

Fortunately, this year (for the first time) we were able to air 2-hr episodes on TV! Since we are now able to air our 2-hr shows, we no longer have a need to offer them on Extended Cast. It is our understanding that Outdoor Channel will offer re-airs of Major League Fishing online at some point in the future.

However, we do not know when that will happen. Please reach out to Outdoor Channel for more information on when they will offer re-airs of Major League Fishing Online.

Kindest Regards,
MLF Staff

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