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In this Show Dirt episode I talk about the wobble head. If you are out bass fishing this is a great weapon for covering a lot of water and is a technique that is sure to get big bites! Take away keys: -1- Make sure you use a tungsten weight – It magnifies the bite. -2- Wait until the bass turns before setting the hook or you will lose him.

SETUP: LURE: STRIKE KING 3/4 oz Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Head with a Strike King Bug or Menace COLOR – Blue Craw or California Craw HOOK: TROKAR 4/0 Magnum Worm Hook ROD: DAIWA Tatula 7’4 Frog Rod REEL: DAIWA Tatula SV 7:1 or 8:1 Reel LINE: SEAGUAR 17 or 20LB ABRAZX

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